Incorporating Health Risk Management into Workplace Wellness

Across the United States, workplaces are taking advantage of Healthcare Risk Management Week to look at ways to help manage health risks.

Test Smartly Labs wants to join you in exploring how Health Risk Assessments can be a powerful tool in your quest for a healthy work environment.

Health Risk Assessment Services for Workplaces

Incorporating health risk management into the workplace is a win-win scenario for both employers and their employees. Health Risk Assessments can provide important information about the current state of your employees’ health and wellness. Once this baseline health data has been established from the initial Health Risk Assessment, there are many ways to analyze the information to create positive workplace wellness programs.

How Health Risk Assessments Help Employees

They offer a non-threatening way to enter into certain health and lifestyle services that match their needs.

• Health Risk Assessments create awareness of any potential risks for injuries or chronic diseases.

• They allow the employees to take the necessary steps to lower their personal risk with pertinent action steps.

• Health Risk Assessments can help employees set goals to seek out preventative health programs or lifestyle adjustments.

• When the Health Risk Assessments are taken periodically, they help employees monitor their progress towards their personal health and wellness goals.

• Health Risk Assessments can connect employees to specific health-related options that may be sponsored by the employer.

• They can provide important feedback on the risks of tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, dietary fat intake, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

How Health Risk Assessments Help Employers

• They create a positive health and wellness atmosphere in the work environment.

• Health Risk Assessments can engage employees to take personal responsibility for their own health education and self-care.

• They open the door for specific prevention and intervention services for the employees.

• Health Risk Assessments promote age-appropriate health care screenings to be taken on a routine basis.

• They provide vital information to assist employers with their wellness program planning and health benefits packages.

Health Risk Assessments offer important insight into the possible health risks of the employees. Armed with this information, employers can provide health and wellness promotion campaigns for everyone as well as possible intervention measures for specific employees. Obviously, healthy employees are usually more productive and won’t be absent from work due to illness. As a health management tool, Health Risk Assessments are a fantastic resource.

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