Incorporating Nutrition Into Your Workplace Wellness Program

March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, and it’s the ideal time for employers and employees to learn more about healthy eating.

If your workplace currently has a wellness program or you are looking to add one, you might be interested in how nutrition can fit into your program.

We have some tips for adding a nutrition component to your workplace wellness program.

Nutrition & Workplace Wellness

Health Screenings for Baseline Numbers

If you’re wanting your employees to eat better, but not sure if they’ll be motivated enough to do so, or you think they need more specific information to create a tailored diet plan, getting baseline data through basic lab tests will help. Cholesterol checks, blood sugar levels, heart health tests, and other health screenings can provide invaluable data for your employees, opening their eyes to potential health risks.

Nutritious OfferingsBusiness Woman

When it comes to nutrition, you have to put your money where your mouth is. It’s not enough to say that nutritious eating is good — you need to supply nutritious foods for your employees at company gatherings, in the break room, and in the cafeteria. Nix the vending machines in favor of healthy snacks like unsalted nuts and carrot sticks, and provide salads and fresh fruits at company-catered lunches.

Food Groups

We’re not talking about the food groups we eat — we’re talking about supportive food groups comprised of employees who set nutrition goals and encourage each other to stick with them. Organizing support groups within your company will provide employees with accountability partners who can keep an eye on what they eat. Nutrition buddies could even take turns bringing in delicious and nutritious foods to share.

Nutrition With Test Smartly Labs

Wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs nationwide can provide the assistance you need to make your workplace wellness program more effective and incorporate nutrition. We can provide biometric screenings to give your employees the basic health data they need to make decisions about their diet, fitness needs, and more.

For more information on nutrition and your workplace wellness program, find your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!


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