Just Joining the Workforce? See Our Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

In fall, a number of recent college graduates often start their careers. It’s easy for those new to the workforce to prioritize their job and let their own health fall to the wayside. After all, adjusting to a new workplace can be challenging for even the most seasoned worker — it’s even more challenging when it’s your very first job.

If you want to impress at your new job, though, you’ll need to take care of yourself, too. Your physical and mental health have a direct bearing on your performance at work.

Worried your health might sleep as you make a career move? We’re sharing some tips on how to stay healthy as you join the workforce or transition to a new job.

Tips to Stay Healthy in a New Job

Get Plenty of Sleep

ARCpoint Labs | Stay Healthy at WorkSleep is vital for ensuring proper brain function. While your body gets rest, your mind is gearing up for tomorrow, ensuring you can learn and retain information. Since you’ll be learning plenty in your new job, sleep is a necessity! A good night’s sleep also improves your attention span, decision-making, and creativity, all important skills for any job. And as we’ve shared before, poor sleep can even impact your health, leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and more.

If your goal is to stay healthy at work, then, getting better sleep is a must. We suggest creating a consistent nighttime routine that you follow throughout the whole week (weekends included!), avoiding caffeine for the 4-6 hours before bed, getting regular exercise, and creating a sleep-friendly environment (no noise, light, or temperature fluctuations).

Eat Well

Trying to stay healthy? It might be time to overhaul your diet. When you start a new job, deadlines or your commute might leave you rushed and grabbing food on the go. But you don’t have to rely on fast food; follow our tips and see how it’s possible to eat well and stay healthy even with a 9 to 5!

  • Avoid falling into the fast food trap by making healthy lunches the weekend or night before or bringing in leftovers.
  • Prepare some healthy, easily-grabbable snacks such as sliced veggies, nuts, dried fruit, granola, and more.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated. Bring your own water bottle from home and set goals to drink a set amount of water by certain times of the day.

Find Time for Fitness

Work is the focus of your day, but that doesn’t mean you should be solely sedentary if you work a desk job. Finding time to exercise will help you stay healthy as you tackle your new job. Try taking a short walk on your breaks or lunch hour to get your blood pumping. After work, take a walk around your neighborhood, or if you’re feeling ambitious, hit the gym to work out. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

Beginning a new job is inherently stressful — you’re learning the ins and outs of your new position, adjusting to a new schedule, learning to communicate with your new team, and more. Stress can be a major productivity-killer. Follow these tips to stay healthy and minimize stress at your new job:

  • Take breaks at work — step away from your computer and desk to prevent eye strain and help yourself refocus.
  • If your job allows it, bring some headphones and listen to calming music as you work.
  • On your off-hours, make time to do things you enjoy along with any household tasks that will help you feel relaxed. For example, if cooking dinner helps you unwind, make that a priority at night. If spending time with friends is important to you, make it happen. A new job doesn’t have to equal a non-existent social life.

Stay Healthy With ARCpoint Labs

ARCpoint Labs can help you stay healthy as you start or continue your career. Learn about our lab testing, which can provide baseline information about your health! To get more workplace wellness tips, contact your nearest ARCpoint Labs today.


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