Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair

Have you considered hosting a health fair at your workplace? As an employer or Human Resources manager, the health and wellbeing of your employees should be a priority. Helping your employees connect with healthcare providers at a work-sponsored health fair will have countless physical and mental benefits for your workplace.

Why To Host a Health Fair at Your Workplace

Discover Your Employees Health Concerns & Needs

When you announce a health fair at your workplace, ask your employees what topics they would like to cover or what healthcare organizations they would like to hear from. This will help you know what areas in your current workplace wellness program are lacking, helping you improve the overall health of your company.

Build an Effective Health Network for Your Company

As you uncover the health needs and interests of your employees by hosting the health fair, you can also use it as an opportunity to build the right health network for your company. You’ll use their feedback to decide what healthcare providers to invite to the health fair, which in turn will be the start of your company health network. You should build the health network based on your specific employees’ needs. For example, if your employees spend a lot of their day lifting heaving objects or even typing on computers, invite a bone and joint specialist from your insurance network to your health fair.

Any healthcare providers you host at the health fair should be ones you want your employees to see and form lasting relationships with — so be sure that you have vetted them and looked into their records, including patient satisfaction. With your health fair, you are truly building your ideal company healthcare network, not just trying to fill booths.

Help Your Employees Explore Their In-Network Options With a Health Fair

Hosting a health fair will help your employees explore the in-network care options at their disposal. Rather than reading about their insurance options and coverage on paper or completing exhaustive research online, they’ll be able to meet in-network healthcare providers in person. Meeting Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair | Test Smartly Labsinsurance-covered doctors face-to-face at the health fair will help your employees make informed decisions about their providers and even compare providers to decide which one is a best fit based on their personality and needs.

A health fair is a great way to ensure that your employees have an obstacle-free way to meet with healthcare providers — especially if you have high-risk employees who won’t take the time out of their schedule to do so. By meeting with providers in-person at your health fair, your employees can not only gauge a provider’s personality, but also receive preliminary health education and screenings that will reduce their wait time at the doctor’s office.

Use as a Springboard for Continuing Wellness Education

After hosting a health fair, your employees will be open to continuing wellness education programs. Conduct an employee survey to gather information about the health fair — which providers were most helpful, which topics your employees found most useful, etc. Then use this data from the health fair to determine what your wellness program should cover next. You can schedule presentations or workshops with providers from the health fair in which they cover a useful wellness topic. Make sure that your wellness program does not stop with your health fair!

Get Help With Workplace Wellness From Test Smartly Labs

Hosting a health fair is a great start to your workplace wellness program. If you need more help developing education programs for your company, Test Smartly Labs can help. We offer confidential drug testing, employee health screens, flu shots, and more!

Have you ever hosted a health fair at your workplace?


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