Winter is Coming. Prepare Your Employees With Workplace Wellness.

Winter is coming (or has come, depending on the weather where you live).

While some people love the chill and snowfall, others dread the next few months for the sniffles and sickness, holiday weight gain,  and seasonal stir-craziness.

Here’s what your workplace wellness program can do to help your employees cope with whatever winter brings.

Workplace Wellness Can Solve Winter Woes!

Seasonal SicknessWinter is Coming. Prepare Your Employees With Workplace Wellness.

Come winter, your office may see a drop in productivity and a rise in absenteeism as your employees pass around cold viruses and Kleenexes.

We recommend reminding your workforce about best practices for containing viruses, including diligently washing hands, avoiding touching, and taking sick days when needed. And your workplace wellness program can go above and beyond by providing on-site flu shots through Test Smartly Labs. Doing so will maximize the number of workers who are protected from this season’s dominant influenza strains.

Winter Weight Gain

We’ve all felt the strain on our waistline after a big holiday meal. While you can’t prevent your employees from piling on the stuffing at Grandma’s dinner table, you can do your part to mitigate winter weight gain by providing healthy options at work. Forgo the vending machine and stock a snack bar with fruits, veggies, nuts, and other nutritious bites.

You can also provide an impetus to avoid fatty foods by conducting biometric screenings and Health Risk Assessments with your employees. Once they know their key health numbers — including cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more — they may be more inspired to take charge of their wellness by eating right.

Cabin Fever

Once winter’s chilling temperatures roll in, your employees may start to feel a little stir crazy as they turn into homebodies. This is not only bad for the brain, but also the body, as the motivation to exercise will be low, but the need for mental stimulation high.

You can provide an outlet for employees with cabin fever by encouraging indoor exercise. If you offer a health insurance discount for employees who enroll and show up to fitness classes or even cover a portion of their gym membership, you’ll help your workforce stay fit and mentally sharp, even if they can’t go on their regular jog around the park.

Focus on Workplace Wellness This Winter With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs provides workplace wellness assistance to businesses nationwide. If you want help implementing a program, find your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!


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