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Women: Know the Health Risks of Long Working Hours

Women's Health Risks

The downsides to working late are very obvious to many people: less time spent relaxing with friends and family, less time spent on hobbies or enjoyable activities, less time focusing on mental health and stress-relief, and less time for sleeping, exercising, and eating well, all of which are essential for maintaining health. But now there’s evidence […]

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How to Incorporate Cancer Awareness in Your Workplace Wellness Program

ARCpoint Labs | Cancer & Workplace Wellness

April is Cancer Control Month, and April 1 – 7 is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week — so the time is right for employers to prioritize cancer awareness in workplace wellness programs. You may feel that your employees don’t need programming about cancer, either because they are young and healthy or because they surely already know […]

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Movember In The Office

Hello men and participants in Movember.  We hope your mustaches are looking extra glorious as you and your peers are raising money for testicular and prostate cancer research.  For those of you who are wondering if this month-long activity is for not, perhaps NBC’s hit comedy, The Office, will change your mind. The Latest Episode […]

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Happy Movember!

Even offices that expect clean-cut and presentable men are finding a way to be more relaxed in November.  Oh the things we do for cancer awareness. Movember began a few years ago as a way to increase prostate cancer awareness and has become an international phenomenon. What is Movember? Movember started in Australia as a […]

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