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Eating Well at Work: Getting in Your 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggie

Everyone knows that diet is a huge part of health and wellness. For most people in the workforce, though, it’s hard to eat well when your day is spent chasing deadlines, sitting in meetings, and making phone calls. For the working folk who want to lower their cholesterol, improve their BMI, and just generally get […]

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How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits at Work

ARCpoint Labs | How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits at Work

With National Nutrition Month® in full swing, it’s time for employers to consider whether your workplace encourages healthy eating habits in your employees. While you might think that it’s not your business to regulate what your workers eat, helping your employees make healthy diet choices can actually save your company money when it comes to […]

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Eating Disorders & the Workplace: Impacts & Signs

ARCpoint Labs | Eating Disorders & the Workplace: Impacts & Signs

February is National Eating Disorders Awareness month, which makes it a great time for your workplace to consider how eating disorders might be affecting your employees. Although eating disorders are often stigmatized or thought of as a personal — not a professional — problem, the truth is that like other illnesses, eating disorders do affect […]

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Pop-Tarts – A Healthy Breakfast?

I spoke with a wellness coordinator the other day who works with many elementary schools on nutrition. She had just left a meeting where her fight against multi-grain Pop-Tarts being considered a healthy breakfast choice was fleeting. Federal regulations allowed this option to be on the nutritional menu, and despite her push to offer a […]

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