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Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

ARCpoint Labs | Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

January is Mental Wellness Month, which makes it a great time to focus on mental health in your workplace wellness programs. As an employer, your workers’ mental wellness should be one of your chief concerns. Mental wellness affects your employee’s interpersonal interactions — both with peers and with clients or customers — as well as […]

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Tips for Beating the Afternoon Slump at Work

Tips for Beating the Afternoon Slump at Work | ARCPoint Labs

We’ve all experienced the afternoon slump in the workplace. At 8 AM, we’re coffee-fueled superheroes, ready to tackle our tasks with a full, promising day ahead of us. After a little mental rest and sustenance at lunch time, we get back into a productive pace easily, checking off more on our ever-growing to-do list. But […]

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Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

alarm clock early morning

How many cups of coffee do you pour before 9:00 am? If you’re at all like me, the coffee pot is your best friend in the morning. Sometimes the 6:30 am alarm does not sit well. We all know how a bad morning can affect the entire day. If you find yourself sluggish at the […]

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Fight the Flu Before it gets You!

You know it is cold and flu season around the office. You can hear the sneezes down the hall, the coughing in the cubicle next to you and the nose blowing as co-workers pass your desk. Yuck! Germs are everywhere! This season, be prepared before you hear the first sneeze that sounds the germ alarms! […]

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Healthy Food Guides & Signs for Employees

We just love a good, easy chart that shows you good choices vs. bad choices. So when it comes to Workplace Wellness, why not boost employee health with some good reminders. We send a “Thanks” to Pintrest and several designers/bloggers for coming up with these great signs. Make sure to click on the “source” link […]

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