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5 Tips on Holding a Weight Loss Challenge at Work for Diet Resolution Week

Weight loss is among the most popular resolutions. It’s also especially difficult to keep, especially for those who diet alone. Nonetheless, weight loss can lead to significant health improvement. Organizing a weight loss challenge at work is easier than you think. Use these steps to motivate workers to try a new diet.

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The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

ergonomic workplace wellness

Office ergonomics are a vital component of employee well being. However, this goes beyond making employees feel good. Office ergonomics also improve employee efficiency. This means that no employer can afford to overlook the benefits of office ergonomics.

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Why Employee Bonding is a Good Thing 

Employee Bonding

Building a strong, reliable workforce takes time and skill. Hard work can be stressful and draining, and for your company to succeed, you need a team that enjoys coming to to the office, collaborating, and helping everyone on the team succeed. That’s why it’s important to encourage employee bonding through meaningful conversations and activities. If you […]

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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer 

Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer

The work culture in America appears to place a premium on the employee who comes in early, goes home late and doesn’t vacation. However, studies suggest that this employee isn’t so much a candidate for a promotion as they are for a heart attack. The bottom line is that taking vacation time is vital not […]

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Healthcare Workers not Taking Sick Days Despite Patient Risk

Many healthcare workers such as physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APC), registered nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and midwives reported to work while sick, fully realizing that their patients could be at risk according to a small JAMA Pediatrics survey conducted online.  Working While Sick for Patients to Be Well The survey found that while most people […]

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Do You Believe These Workplace Wellness Myths?

Workplace Wellness Myths Debunked

Keeping employees healthy is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Without them, companies simply cannot function. But there are many misconceptions about how you can actually achieve this goal. That’s why ARCpoint Labs will take a look at a few of the most common myths and help to set you on […]

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Why Should Employees Participate in Workplace Wellness Programs?

workplace wellness program

A healthy workforce is a huge asset to a company. They are more productive, happier, and they save their employers money in terms of the cost of health insurance. ARCpoint Labs wants to take this opportunity to share information about why employees, not just employers, get great benefits from utilizing workplace wellness programs.

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How To Prep For A Summer Vacation While Working 9-5

Summer Vacation Tips For Work

Nothing can ruin your enjoyment of a vacation quite like worrying about what’s going on back at the office. Is your inbox exploding? Are your tasks getting completed properly? Are your clients being taken care of? Fortunately, with sufficient preparation, you can spend your vacation actually enjoying yourself instead of worrying about work.

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3 Surprising Ways That Vacation Time Increases Productivity

Employee vacation time for better business

A recent survey showed that most Americans use only half of their paid vacation time, and while they were on vacation, many of them still worked. There is an epidemic of overwork in the U.S. today. We are the only first world country that does not legally guarantee paid leave.  Today we’ll look at why […]

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Incorporating Health Risk Management into Workplace Wellness

Health Risk Assessment Services for Workplaces

Across the United States, workplaces are taking advantage of Healthcare Risk Management Week to look at ways to help manage health risks. ARCpoint Labs wants to join you in exploring how Health Risk Assessments can be a powerful tool in your quest for a healthy work environment.

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