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Involve Your Employees’ Family in Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness for Families

National Kids Day took place this Sunday, bringing to mind the importance of maintaining good health not just for your employees but for their families as well. There is a strong relationship between the health of your employees’ families and the amount of productivity you can expect from your employees. The CDC reports that healthy […]

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Incorporating Health Risk Management into Workplace Wellness

Health Risk Assessment Services for Workplaces

Across the United States, workplaces are taking advantage of Healthcare Risk Management Week to look at ways to help manage health risks. ARCpoint Labs wants to join you in exploring how Health Risk Assessments can be a powerful tool in your quest for a healthy work environment.

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New Study Finds Success in Workplace Wellness Programs

ARCpoint Labs | New Study Finds Success in Workplace Wellness Programs

Wondering if a workplace wellness program program will be worth the investment? Or questioning if your current workplace wellness program is providing the benefits and ROI you need? Good news for those with workplace wellness programs — and an impetus for those who are considering implementing one: a recent study found that Pepsi’s workplace wellness […]

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Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

ARCpoint Labs | Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

January is Mental Wellness Month, which makes it a great time to focus on mental health in your workplace wellness programs. As an employer, your workers’ mental wellness should be one of your chief concerns. Mental wellness affects your employee’s interpersonal interactions — both with peers and with clients or customers — as well as […]

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What is Workplace Bullying & How Can You Stop It?

ARCpoint Labs | What is Workplace Bullying & How Can You Stop It

The word bullying usually conjures up images of children acting out on the schoolyard or teenagers exchanging taunts in the hallways. But recently a different form of bullying has received more attention from psychologists, managers, and human resources departments nationwide: workplace bullying. Though we’d like to believe that bullying becomes a thing of the past […]

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Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair

Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair | ARCpoint Labs

Have you considered hosting a health fair at your workplace? As an employer or Human Resources manager, the health and wellbeing of your employees should be a priority. Helping your employees connect with healthcare providers at a work-sponsored health fair will have countless physical and mental benefits for your workplace. Why To Host a Health […]

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Teamwork! Tips for building team spirit

teamwork spirit at work

The working environment is a huge factor in employee motivation. The work atmosphere influences how efficient and productive your employees are. Think about your work environment. Is it good? Do employees relate well with each other? Do coworkers handle conflict in healthy ways and work together to solve problems? There are many factors in a […]

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Managing Fall Allergies in the Workplace

fall allergies at work

Many adults experience fall allergies. The fall season brings several allergens. As the temperature drops, you may find yourself stocking up on tissues. Walking around the office in the fall does not usually paint a picture of health. Instead, you’ll notice workers sniffling, sneezing and rubbing itchy eyes. Fall allergies can be a miserable experience, […]

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Why a Clean Desk Means a Better Workplace

man at messy desk needs clean desk

We all work on a day to day basis so that we can live a better life. Not all of us work at a job that we love, but many do. No matter what we do, we are all workers in some way. For most of us, the daily working habits have become a routine […]

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Health and safety: quick tips for work

health and safety

When you go to work every day, you are usually focused on the task at hand. You concentrate on finishing your work and interacting with customers and coworkers These factors are enought to keep you busy. You probably don’t think much about your health and safety on the job. Workers in the U.S. spend an […]

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