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How to Fight Back Pain

It seems like every profession, at one time or another, produces back pain. Workers who do manual labor in industries such as warehousing, construction and manufacturing are constantly bending and twisting and putting their backs in compromising situations. When you throw heavy lifting into the mix, you get a recipe for spinal column disaster. Conversely […]

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Workplace Wellness Ideas You’ll Love

Workplace wellness programs are becoming more and more popular. They reduce health costs, but more importantly, workplace wellness programs boost employee morale and make the work environment healthier as well. Sometimes implementing these types of programs for the first time is challenging–you don’t know what programs will be the most effective and cost-efficient for your […]

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Just Joining the Workforce? See Our Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

ARCpoint Labs | Stay Healthy at Work

In fall, a number of recent college graduates often start their careers. It’s easy for those new to the workforce to prioritize their job and let their own health fall to the wayside. After all, adjusting to a new workplace can be challenging for even the most seasoned worker — it’s even more challenging when […]

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Health Monitoring Devices in the Workplace?

ARCpoint Labs | Workplace Wellness & Health Monitoring Devices

Workplace wellness programs, particularly those with disease-management portions, have a proven track record. How can employees hope to top that success? According to some, the next step in workplace wellness programs is the addition of wearable health monitoring devices. What is this new technology and how can it work for your company’s wellness program? Here […]

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Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is right around the corner. You’ve taken this time and decided that in 2013 you’re going to be healthier and more active than you were in 2012. Good for you! But sometimes, resolutions are hard to maintain. We want to give you some advice that will help you maintain your resolutions so […]

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