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Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

ARCpoint Labs | Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

January is Mental Wellness Month, which makes it a great time to focus on mental health in your workplace wellness programs. As an employer, your workers’ mental wellness should be one of your chief concerns. Mental wellness affects your employee’s interpersonal interactions — both with peers and with clients or customers — as well as […]

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Inside workouts

Much of the country is facing one of the warmest summers we’ve seen in awhile. High temperatures, lack of rain (in some areas) and humidity doesn’t just kill the grass and rack up high electricity bills from running the A/C all day. It can also hurt our fitness and exercise routines. If you’ve been struggling to get your workouts […]

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Pay Your Employees to Exercise? Seriously?

“Oh My! How times have changed,” may be a comment you frequently hear when you hang out with those in their senior (or should we say “sunset”) years. Those who survived the Great Depression and had a piece in helping rebuild a new America often remark at how times have changed in society, family and business. […]

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