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Why Should Employees Participate in Workplace Wellness Programs?

workplace wellness program

A healthy workforce is a huge asset to a company. They are more productive, happier, and they save their employers money in terms of the cost of health insurance. ARCpoint Labs wants to take this opportunity to share information about why employees, not just employers, get great benefits from utilizing workplace wellness programs.

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Health Fair: What to Cover

health fair presentation

Every business should be concerned with the health and well-being of their employees, but they might not know how to manage this. A company health fair is one way to encourage health among employees. There are several goals for a company health fair. The two main goals are to educate employees on their health insurance […]

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Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair

Why Your Company Should Host a Health Fair | ARCpoint Labs

Have you considered hosting a health fair at your workplace? As an employer or Human Resources manager, the health and wellbeing of your employees should be a priority. Helping your employees connect with healthcare providers at a work-sponsored health fair will have countless physical and mental benefits for your workplace. Why To Host a Health […]

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Americans See Benefits in Wellness Programs

In 2012 wellness programs gained popularity among organizations and their employees. In fact, in 2011 55% of employees saw the benefits from wellness programs. Last year that number jumped up 7% (source). Why employees want wellness programs There are a number of reasons why employees want wellness programs, but today we’ll mention two. First, employees […]

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Promote Your Wellness Program

Do you offer a wellness program?  Do your employees know about it?  ARCpoint Labs, a walk-in laboratory that offers Corporate Wellness Testing programs, works with many clients who find that their employees don’t take full advantage of healthy initiatives. If you’re figuring out how to get your wellness programs in front of your employees, here […]

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No Insurance? No Problem | Walk-In Health Care

Last week we talked about the growing issue many Americans are facing: they can’t get health care. Or, even if they have it, they can barely afford it. While Congress works away at finding a solution to this growing problem, several “pop-up” solutions are starting to be seen by smart businesses who want to help […]

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Feeling the Pains of High Health Care Costs or No Health Care Coverage At All

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for those who don’t have health insurance. Now I will try to stay off of the soapbox too long, but as a cancer survivor I must say: I love and I hate health insurance. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one – cancer or no cancer. […]

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