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When Should I Plan My Corporate Flu Shots?

Flu Shots

Flu shots are instrumental for keeping the workplace operational and productive. Management that does not organize flu shots for their workers are asking for a logistical and financial nightmare when influenza season finally hits. It pays to be prepared in advance, which is why you shouldn’t leave your planning until the last minute.

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Will There be a Flu Vaccine Shortage This Year?

ARCpoint Labs | Flu Vaccine Shortage

If you know anyone in Canada, tell them to get their flu shot now. Issues at a flu vaccine production center have left our northern neighbor 2 million shots short. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the pharmaceutical company responsible for providing 53% of Canada’s flu vaccine supply, reported that the some batches of this year’s three-strain flu vaccine […]

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What Your Workplace Wellness Program is Missing – And Why You Need to Add it Now

ARCpoint Labs | The Flu Vaccine & Workplace Wellness

When’s the last time your employees visited a doctor to get a shot? Chances are most of your work force doesn’t know and hasn’t kept up-to-date with their immunization records. As an employer, you might think that an employee’s vaccination status is none of your business –  but when diseases like the flu take a […]

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