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Women: Know the Health Risks of Long Working Hours

Women's Health Risks

The downsides to working late are very obvious to many people: less time spent relaxing with friends and family, less time spent on hobbies or enjoyable activities, less time focusing on mental health and stress-relief, and less time for sleeping, exercising, and eating well, all of which are essential for maintaining health. But now there’s evidence […]

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This Stress Awareness Month, Encourage Good Mental Health At Work!

ARCpoint Labs | Mental Health & Workplace Wellness

April is the official Stress Awareness Month, dedicated to highlighting how detrimental stress can be and publicizing stress reduction tips to improve mental health. As an employer or HR manager, part of your job must involve caring about the mental health of your employees. After all, a happy, healthy employee is best for your company! […]

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What to Do When You Suspect an Employee of Self-Harm

ARCpoint Labs | Talking to Employees About Self-Harm

March is known for more than St. Patrick’s Day or the start of spring — it’s also a time for mental health education. The third month is designated Self-Harm Awareness Month, and it’s intended to spread information about the prevalence, risks, and treatment of self-harm. An estimated 2 million Americans engage in some form of […]

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Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

ARCpoint Labs | Celebrate Mental Wellness Month at the Office

January is Mental Wellness Month, which makes it a great time to focus on mental health in your workplace wellness programs. As an employer, your workers’ mental wellness should be one of your chief concerns. Mental wellness affects your employee’s interpersonal interactions — both with peers and with clients or customers — as well as […]

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What is Workplace Bullying & How Can You Stop It?

ARCpoint Labs | What is Workplace Bullying & How Can You Stop It

The word bullying usually conjures up images of children acting out on the schoolyard or teenagers exchanging taunts in the hallways. But recently a different form of bullying has received more attention from psychologists, managers, and human resources departments nationwide: workplace bullying. Though we’d like to believe that bullying becomes a thing of the past […]

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Productivity Tips: Organize Your Email Inbox

too much email organize inbox

Let’s face it, not everybody organizes their email inbox. Some people will even wait until they have thousands of messages before they finally decide to clean up their email. They might also be forced to clean it up when they need something really important that was sent several weeks ago. The problem is that they […]

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Americans See Benefits in Wellness Programs

In 2012 wellness programs gained popularity among organizations and their employees. In fact, in 2011 55% of employees saw the benefits from wellness programs. Last year that number jumped up 7% (source). Why employees want wellness programs There are a number of reasons why employees want wellness programs, but today we’ll mention two. First, employees […]

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Promote Your Wellness Program

Do you offer a wellness program?  Do your employees know about it?  ARCpoint Labs, a walk-in laboratory that offers Corporate Wellness Testing programs, works with many clients who find that their employees don’t take full advantage of healthy initiatives. If you’re figuring out how to get your wellness programs in front of your employees, here […]

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40 Things To Say Before You Die

If you missed Forbes’ “40 Things To Say Before You Die” last week, you should go check that out as soon as you’re done reading this. Workplace wellness encompasses many things. While our wellness centers can perform your lab work to see if you’re physically healthy – mental health (especially among employees) is just as […]

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