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How to Encourage Employee Health When Traveling

Businessman on plane

Employee wellness is at the top of the list of priorities while travelling. A change in environment can cause the immune system to weaken for many men and women. That’s why it’s important to emphasize good health practices with your employees before they travel for business.

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How to Help Your Employees Have a Relaxing Holiday

Kick Up Your Feet

As we have explored before, stress can be a danger to your employees’ health. While vacations can go a long way to relieve stress, we all know that sometimes, work finds a way to interrupt our days off, meaning our vacation time isn’t really restful. To help prevent that, we’re sharing 3 ways you can help […]

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Kids Clothes in Your Mailbox…and Other Monthly Boxes to Simplify Life

mail man box

Have you signed up for the latest craze yet? There are monthly subscription boxes for anything you could dream up. Know a craft-loving friend? There’s a box for her. Do you have an eco-conscious new mom in your family? She’ll love a monthly box full of environmentally friendly diapers. There’s literally a monthly box subscription […]

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Stress on the body

Stress. Ever heard of it? While some might assume that stress is a “given” these days in our always-have-our-phones, work-60-hours-a-week, go-go-go culture … it’s actually one of the biggest dangers out there right now. Why? Well for one, our bodies weren’t built to handle the high amounts of stress most of us carry each day. […]

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