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5 Ways to Promote Nutrition in the Workplace

A healthier workplace depends upon many factors like exercise and better eating habits. Management can encourage better nutrition by taking a common-sense approach in the workplace. Healthy eating is no accident, and it’s more likely to occur with some workplace promotion.

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Making the Right Choices for Kidney Health

Kidney disease is a serious issue and in the United States, more than 26 million adults are suffering from chronic kidney disease.  Kidney disease is most commonly linked to those people over the age of 60 and with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.  

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Help Your Employees Become Heart Healthy

According to the American Heart Association, strokes and heart disease are the leading killers worldwide.  Stroke is also the most preventable cause of disability.  As you would suspect, early prevention is the leading way to avoid heart issues later in life which is why you should get your employees started on the road to heart […]

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5 Tips on Holding a Weight Loss Challenge at Work for Diet Resolution Week

Weight loss is among the most popular resolutions. It’s also especially difficult to keep, especially for those who diet alone. Nonetheless, weight loss can lead to significant health improvement. Organizing a weight loss challenge at work is easier than you think. Use these steps to motivate workers to try a new diet.

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Bullying in the Workplace

You may be out of the playground but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from bullying. Bullying is a systematic problem and can lead to destructive health consequences. There is not much awareness for the issue so recognizing when you or a fellow employee are being bullied and seeking help is essential to a safe work […]

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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer 

Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer

The work culture in America appears to place a premium on the employee who comes in early, goes home late and doesn’t vacation. However, studies suggest that this employee isn’t so much a candidate for a promotion as they are for a heart attack. The bottom line is that taking vacation time is vital not […]

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Improving Employee Health: Insights from Wellness in the Workplace Study 

Workplace Wellness

Health services company Optum recently published findings from their Seventh Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study. Results showed that while approximately 60% of employers are interested in creating a workplace that promotes healthy living, only about 20% have established workplace wellness programs. This study demonstrates that more employers need to take concrete steps toward developing […]

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Why Your Beige Walls Could be Hurting Your Employees’ Health

Beige Walls

The environment your employees work in plays a huge role in how productive they are and how good they feel. The temperature, lighting and the color of the walls This doesn’t just include the psychological environment; it also refers to the physical setting. The temperature, lighting and the color of the walls affect employee mood […]

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When Should I Plan My Corporate Flu Shots?

Flu Shots

Flu shots are instrumental for keeping the workplace operational and productive. Management that does not organize flu shots for their workers are asking for a logistical and financial nightmare when influenza season finally hits. It pays to be prepared in advance, which is why you shouldn’t leave your planning until the last minute.

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Women: Know the Health Risks of Long Working Hours

Women's Health Risks

The downsides to working late are very obvious to many people: less time spent relaxing with friends and family, less time spent on hobbies or enjoyable activities, less time focusing on mental health and stress-relief, and less time for sleeping, exercising, and eating well, all of which are essential for maintaining health. But now there’s evidence […]

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