Smart phones a doctor replacement?

Do you ever sit back and wonder, “Really  now – what WILL they think of next?” Well, that is exactly how I felt when I walked past a display of medical products that plug into your smart phone at Best Buy. An entire line of smart phone-compatible wellness tools have been developed to let you know your blood pressure, weight, bone density and more. Oh, how the wonderful world of wellness continues to expand!

Smart Phones and Wellness

Who would have dreamed that phones would evolve to the point they can now be used to check our vital signs?

This is not the first time we have been blown away by the integration of our cell phones and healthy living initiatives. We have blogged about some great apps before. Some can help you track your calories and how much you have exercised. But the latest wave of tools like the iHealth products take wellness checks to a whole new level.

Products are currently either on the market or in development to check things like:

  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • weight
  • body mass index
  • bone density
  • blood sugar
  • oxygen in the blood

And with the way our world is turning – we know this is only the beginning.

Will smart phones replace doctors?

With technology that allows you to check your own vital signs, it makes me wonder – will smart phones eliminate the need for a doctors office visit? Couple that with the hundreds of apps and websites offering medical information – it makes me suspect that the future of health care will look very differently in the upcoming years.

Many services are available to those who either cannot afford or do not have time to see a physician through traditional healthcare channels. For example, Test Smartly Labs offers lab testing in their walk-in clinics. Whether a doctor’s prescribing blood work or not – they can run any test at any time.

The future of medicine

I do not think anyone should ever stop visiting a doctor completely. Licensed medical practitioners are the experts and they should be visited when clinical treatment is necessary. A wellness check-up, as well as being seen when you are sick, is important. Although the new health tools should not necessarily take the place of a doctor – what they can do is lessen the need to visit one as often! We are hopeful that the abundance of new wellness tools will not take the place of doctors but that instead, they will make great strides in helping people stay healthy and well!

Looking for a wellness center or walk-in lab for blood work? Check out an Test Smartly Labs near you.



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  1. I think these apps are amazing. I like to use ‘My Fitness Pal’ to keep up with my calorie intake. I love it.

  2. It’s definitely handy to be able to test some of these health levels yourself, but I don’t think we’re quite ready to replace a doctor’s advice from some reliable online sources and many unreliable ones

  3. Our technologies are certainly remarkable. I can only guess at what will come next. Seems like there’s a lot of cool stuff on the horizon.

  4. I would find it very hard to replace my doctor with my smart phone apps. I don’t think I could.

  5. I do like to use the internet when something is ailing me. If my research deems it is something serious or I should seek medical advice, I will. But doing the research beforehand can eliminate an unnecessary trip to the doctor.

  6. It’s crazy with the advancements in today’s world what we can accomplish on our phones. I’ve even seen apps that make sure you’re getting enough sleep. What WILL they think of next??

  7. The advancements to technology, and to the phone can be overwhelming. It’s going to be funny looking back, because at some point, someone is telling someone else, I told you so. It happens time and time again. Just think, it wasn’t too long ago, when someone thought it was crazy to need to call someone period.

  8. Apps are the wave of the future. They are only starting, and with the advancements to smartphone technology, it’s going to get even bigger. You can’t just skip the doctor, but maybe at some point, you’ll be doing your own tests at home.

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