Offering Thyroid Testing to Your Employees During Thyroid Awareness Month

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, and this provides the perfect opportunity to offer thyroid testing to employees. Neither you nor your employees may be aware of the thyroid and its function, so it’s vital to take a moment to enhance thyroid awareness.

Thyroid Awareness: What Is the Thyroid?

For the 20 million Americans who are affected by thyroid problems, the thyroid is much more than a tiny gland. It’s a part of their body that can affect their weight, mood and health. Think of the thyroid as a car’s engine. It’s capable of affecting every other system in the body. Thyroid testing makes it possible to know if this critical gland is malfunctioning.

What Can Thyroid Testing Reveal?

Part of thyroid awareness is understanding the gland’s complicated role in the body. Essentially, the thyroid manages the release of hormones that regulate metabolic function throughout the body. When these hormone levels get out of whack, then thyroid testing becomes necessary in order to pin down the problem. A diagnosis makes treatment possible.

Knowing the Symptoms For Better Thyroid Awareness

This is the ideal time to educate employees about thyroid testing and the various symptoms that indicate the necessity for such testing. Even a small change in thyroid levels can cause noticeable symptoms that may seem quite mysterious to employees. Symptoms like extreme fatigue, dry skin, anxiety, hair loss, trembling hands and more may all be explained through thyroid testing.

Create a Thyroid Awareness Event For Employees

A lack of thyroid awareness may mean that employees are ignoring or misinterpreting important symptoms. A simple blood draw is all that is required for thyroid testing, and this could easily be arranged at the workplace. Add a seminar that’s aimed at educating employees, and your company will be on the path to better health.

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