5 Healthy Habits You Want Workers to Have

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Every employer should know that healthy employees equal happy employees, and happy employees mean happy customers. When your staff is in good health, they miss fewer days due to illness, have fewer scheduled doctor’s appointments and they experience increased overall life satisfaction.

1. Keep their posture in check.

Encourage employees to consider sitting on fitness balls or using standing desks. While these items don’t necessarily guarantee good posture, they do help. Also, if office workers browse any office furniture store — online or brick and mortar — they can find a wide assortment of ergonomic office chairs. No matter what your employees do, they should sit with their spines straight and their shoulders back with their feet flat on the floor.

2. Take walking breaks.

Sitting all day — even with proper posture — can take its toll on a person. Encourage your employees to get up and move around instead of staying stationary all day. Some sources suggest standing for 15 minutes for every hour of being still, or the equivalent of two hours throughout the course of an average work day.

3. Drink plenty of water.

You want your employees to be well-hydrated. We won’t bore you with the benefits of drinking water, but we will tell you to encourage your employees to keep water bottles at their desks.

4. Pack healthy snacks.

If your employees get desperate enough, they’ll reach for anything to stave off their hunger pangs. Unfortunately, this can often mean the most convenient and least healthy options like candy, chips and soda. Fresh fruit and vegetables and nut butter not only taste great, but they’ll help your employees avoid vending machine temptations.

5. Get to the gym.

Many fitness centers offer corporate discounts to employees so they can get moving and get healthy. A discounted gym membership can work especially well for businesses in locales with unpredictable weather so they don’t have to go for a jog or a bike ride when it’s rainy or cold.

All of these things can help keep your employees feeling well and that works well for you. For more information on keeping your employees in good health and in good spirits, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today.




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