Healthy Lunch at Work: Brown Bag Edition

Keeping your body fueled with highly nutritious food is vital. A drop in energy levels in your body can lead to irritability, lack of concentration and headaches. Therefore, it is essential to focus on brain rejuvenating foods that will keep your blood sugar levels and concentration at optimal levels.

man at work with brown bag healthy lunchHaving great meal ideas for your lunch also helps to keep you alert and energetic the whole afternoon. Having a healthy lunch in the middle of the workday can keep you focused for a productive afternoon.

Healthy Lunch at Work: What to Pack

Slow release carbohydrates

Do not go for white bread and sugary sweets for your lunch at the office. Try whole wheat pasta or brown rice. These release energy slowly. The great thing about slow energy releasing meals is that they keep hunger at bay until late in the day.

Veg up

Snack on vegetables such as peppers, carrots and celery. You may even dip them in low calorie options such as hummus or veggie dip made with greek yogurt. Veggie wraps are the perfect easy lunch option. You can begin with a whole wheat tortilla and then add your favorite vegetables. Spinach, tomatoes and shredded carrots are super foods to slip in your wraps. You may also take an avocado slice for your office lunch meal. Experiment with different flavors, meats and sauces.


Hydration is easy to forget at work. Water is the key to making sure your body stays energized and alert. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to rejuvenate your skin and avoid munching on junk food. Keep a bottle of ice water with you all day. If you’re tired of water, add zero calorie flavors for an alternative to soda or juice.


If you never have quite enough time to pack a healthy lunch on the go, carry a box of high fiber cereal and keep a carton of low fat milk in the fridge. Cereal is a healthy and easy lunch or snack idea. Pick cereals with low sugar content. Add fruit to make it a more full meal.

Healthy Traditional

A traditional pb&j might hit the spot every once in awhile, but you can twist this classic for a healthier version. Try an almond butter and fruit sandwich. Almond butter offers a healthier alternative to eating peanut butter. Almonds are heavily loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin E. They also contain proteins and this ensures they will keep you energetic the entire afternoon. Start with whole grain bread, add almond butter and bananas, strawberries or apple slices.

Healthy Lunch: A Part of a Healthy Workplace

Packing a healthy lunch for work is just a part of the environment at your workplace. Making small changes in your eating habits at work can have a big effect on your productivity and your attitude at work. All of your daily habits contribute to your experience at work, whether you’re cleaning up your desk, organizing walking meetings or packing a healthy lunch.



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