How to Get Upper Management Support for Your Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace wellness programs offer businesses and their employees several benefits, including increased productivity, improved employee relationships and, according to an article on Harvard Business Review, even financial savings for the company.

Why, then, don’t all companies have workplace wellness programs? The problem is often simply convincing upper management to agree to one. If you’d like to start a workplace wellness program for your company but you aren’t getting anywhere with upper management, here are four great strategies to try.

Getting Support for Workplace Wellness Programs

1. Figure Out Who You Need to Talk To

If your company were to invest in a workplace wellness program, who would be in charge of making that decision? Who would be in charge of setting it up? Those are the people you will need to talk to about implementing a program.

2. Get All of the DetailsHow to Get Upper Management Support for Your Workplace Wellness Program

Don’t just go to upper management with a broad suggestion and no details, however. Research what options are available to you and how the program would run first so you can bring upper management concrete details about your workplace wellness program. This will help them make an informed decision faster, and it will also help them take you more seriously.

3. Explain How it Benefits the Company

Chances are, the upper management of your company cares about your employees health, but they care about their bottom line more. If upper management views a workplace wellness program as just an extra that won’t bring much benefit to the company, it is up to you to show them otherwise. Be prepared with a list of real ways a workplace wellness program will benefit the company as a whole, not just the employees.

4. Identify and Overcome Any Obstacles

If upper management isn’t crazy about the idea of a workplace wellness program at first, try to find out what is standing in their way. Are they worried it will be too expensive, that it will be too time-consuming to run or that the employees won’t actually use it? Discover their objections and find ways to overcome them.

5. Partner With Trusted Workplace Wellness Program Experts

Test Smartly Labs can serve as your workplace wellness advocate. We are comprehensive wellness experts with experience in creating and implementing programs, including providing biometric screenings, conducting Health Risk Assessments, and more!

To learn more about establishing a workplace wellness program with the help of Test Smartly Labs, find your nearest location today!


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