Small Group Communication

There are some folks that work best on their own.  Their task is assigned.  They go at it with no teammates distracting them.  Who knows?  Perhaps they string together something magical.

However in the workplace, many times you have to work as a team. Groups are often a part of the culture of an office. And the better a team communicates, the healthier the work environment will be. While the workplace has many stressors, the goal is to remove workplace stress so you have healthier employees. And one of those ways – good communication.

If your employees are working in teams, here are a few good tips to encourage your employees with:



Communication Tips

1.  Make sure everyone understands the task:  In a group, go over the task.  Understand what the task entails.  Assign roles to group members.  Make sure everyone understands what they need to do individually.

2.  Listen:  Hear and make sense of what your colleagues are saying; use good, active non-verbal behaviors like looking at people when they speak, nodding your head when you agree with something, and sitting forward to show involvement. (source)

3.  Keeping the discussion on task:  If the conversation drifts, bring the group back onto task. (source)

4.  Include everyone:  Some people have a tendency to not speak up in groups.  Engage them.  Ask them their opinions, and give them feedback.  Chances are, they might be sitting on great ideas.

5.  Offer constructive criticism:  There is nothing more frustrating than having an idea shot down by a fellow group member, and as part of the group, you don’t want to create unnecessary conflict by being cold to an idea.  Instead, understand what your team member is trying to accomplish, and offer criticism in a constructive manner.  Level with that person, and try to make them understand your point of view.

6.  Review your project with your group:  Just like you would proofread a report or an email, your project needs reviewing, and you’ll need to do with the team.  Reviewing won’t just clean up written mistakes, but will also bring up last minute ideas that may improve the project.

Good communication in the workplace and in small groups make things go a lot smoother.  Apply these tips to your small group and we’re sure your presentation or project will be successful…. and your employees less stressed.



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  1. This article is a great outline to making a small group effective. These things could even have a strong impact on an entire office if a team community is being cultured there.

  2. Communication by far is the most important thing when working with a team, thanks for sharing these great tips!

  3. Working in a group can be very difficult when the group is not communicating well. These tips could help many teams get a project done much more efficiently.

  4. Communication is key in any group, these are some great tips to make sure you are communicating well and getting the project done well.

  5. Any business or other group could benefit from training in small group communication. It is vital to achieving the goals you have set out.

  6. These tips are awesome! A team that doesn’t communicate is no team at all, and it makes it very hard to get the job done proficiently!

  7. These are some really good tips. I’ve worked in a lot of groups, and whenever I worked in ones that had closed communication nothing was accomplished quickly and lots of toes were trampled on.

  8. I have been in a lot of different teams over the years. And every meeting eventually gets off track. The trick is learning when the meeting is starting to veer and quickly getting it back on track.

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