Summer Workplace Leagues

Business man basketball

In the midst of signing up your kids for summer baseball leagues, swimming lessons and ballet class, you might find yourself getting a little jealous.

Playing on a team and practicing a sport are common activities until about our late teens. When you started your career, however, the chance for organized sports slipped away. Most people in an office setting don’t have much opportunity to join an athletic league or play competitive sports.

But, sports don’t have to be a thing of the past. Summer leagues are the perfect opportunity to stay active. Leagues at work also benefit the entire workplace.

Why summer sports league will benefit your employees and your workplace

1. Leagues give employees a routine time to stay active and focus on health.

2. Workplace leagues show employees that health and fitness is a priority. Learn how you can check on employee wellness and promote wellness at your workplace.

3. Employees will bond over competition. The chance to interact outside of work can help them understand each other better, improving relations at work.

4. A weekly game of soccer or basketball can help employees unwind after a long day at the office. Employees can manage stress better with regular exercise.

5. Healthy employees are more productive at work.

Leagues for every workplace


Soccer is a fun league option for the active employees at your office.

Ultimate Frisbee

This is a laid-back league that lets all employees get involved and stay moving.


Start a basketball summer league at the local community center and see the benefits of competition.

Sand Volleyball

A sand volleyball league will help everyone at the office stay in the summer mood.


Softball is a perfect league for many offices.

Remember, play fair and cheer each other on. This is a great chance to bond with your co-workers and focus on physical activity. It doesn’t have to be a stressful or uncomfortable situation. Most of all, remember to have fun. You’re burning calories, learning more about your co-workers and forming great health habits.


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