Top 3 Workplace Wellness Program Mistakes


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Implementing a workplace wellness program into your office can be a great way to promote a healthier and happier workplace. However, in order to ensure that you achieve a successful wellness program and worthwhile ROI, there are a few common workplace wellness program mistakes that you should aim to avoid.

Organizational Failure

Workplace wellness programs require detailed planning and support by company leaders in order to be successful. From the bottom to the top, a viable plan must be created to work in coordination with existing internal programs, external resources, incentives for participation, and a management strategy. Working with an outside provider of workplace wellness support can be helpful, as they can provide your company with the support you need to organize a plan that will make your wellness program a success.

Failing Measuring Change

There’s no point in having a workplace wellness program if you do not gauge the results to see its effects. When creating a workplace wellness plan, an important beginning step is to pick out the metrics that you want to use according to your goals. For example, you might want to improve overall company health, increase employee job satisfaction, or reduce days lost due to illness or absenteeism. After identifying the most important factors that you would like to change, determine a way to measure how these factors change over the course of the program to see where the program is a success and where it could use some work.

Forgetting to Lead by Example

Incentives are, of course, an essential part of any good workplace wellness program. People will be more likely to participate if they see some type of prize at the end of the road. However, a common mistake many companies make is failing to get the highest levels of the company involved. It’s important that managers other leaders within the company show their own willingness to participate in the wellness program rather than simply expecting their subordinates to participate. For example, if your company plans a 5K, employees will appreciate seeing their bosses running alongside them.

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