5 Fall Workplace Wellness Activities to Implement this Quarter

Workplace WellnessWhen your employees are healthy, they’re usually happier. That means they’re more likely to come to work and do a good job in the positions they’ve been hired to fill. Fewer instances of absenteeism means less likelihood of employee turnover and greater efficiency in the workplace overall. And fall is the perfect time to try out some new workplace wellness ideas!

Here are five fall workplace employee fitness ideas you can implement this quarter:

  1. Host a healthy food potluck. Encourage your workers to bring in their favorite fall soups, casseroles, and appetizers. Ask that they make them from fresh ingredients and that they’re mindful of the amount of calories each food item contains.
  2. Sponsor an employee gathering at a football game or fall festival. Let everyone in attendance enjoy themselves as part of your fall workplace employee fitness program. There is so much to experience at special events like this. The sights, sounds, tastes, and smells are exciting. This is a great way to boost morale and create a cohesive work environment for your employees.
  3. Enter a 5K race or walk-a-thon as a company. Do it for a good cause and get your employees’ families involved, too. Think about how much good you can do for your community by including this fall workplace employee fitness activity to the schedule.
  4. Encourage fall workplace employee fitness by hosting a healthy competition. See how many miles your employees can walk and award the winner a fancy pedometer. Have everyone keep a log of the miles they’ve clocked so you can see how well everyone is participating.
  5. Stock the breakroom with fall-flavored treats. Warm apple cider, healthy pumpkin bars, and even fresh apples are a welcome treat. Encourage everyone to help themselves but let you know when your supplies are running low.

Make fall workplace employee fitness the focus of your fall workplace program. In doing so, you’ll emphasize good health and reduce the number of absences that occur when employees call in sick. In return, you’ll see greater production levels and fewer instances of employee burnout because of your exciting fall workplace employee fitness program.


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