Help Your Workers Manage Holiday Stress!

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s a chance that many of your workers aren’t quite feeling jolly.


The hustle and bustle of this season can make for a lot of stress, particularly if your employees aren’t comfortable with their work-life balance.

As an employer, you should want to maintain a low-stress environment, as it boosts morale and helps employees stay healthy.

Here are our tips for mitigating your employees’ holiday stress.

Workplace Stress Management During the Holidays

Hire Helping Hands

Your employees may be stressed in the weeks leading up to the holidays as they attempt to finish up their workload before their vacation. One way you can help with this aspect of stress management is by devising better strategies for dividing tasks, or perhaps even by hiring additional seasonal employees as needed. If you do choose to hire on helping hands, don’t forget that drug testing for temporary positions is still vital. Seasonal workers won’t be any help to your full-time employees if they aren’t performing at their peak due to drug use!

Schedule Holiday FunTest Smartly Labs | Help Your Workers Manage Holiday Stress!

Letting your employees blow off a little steam is a surefire way to help with stress management. Try hosting a holiday party to boost spirits. Follow our tips for hosting a healthy holiday pot-luck, and stay tuned for some tips on creating safe and sober-friendly holiday parties!

Vacation Time & Flexible Hours

Whenever major holidays come around, many employees will be cashing in their time off. To help reduce your employees’ stress, be understanding about their vacation requests, and when possible, be flexible with scheduling. It might be time to consider offering some work-from-home days or even an early release for each Friday in December. Make sure that your employees know which days are paid vacation for everyone, how many vacation days they have available, and how to properly request time off. If your workers are hourly, establish the rules for trading shifts and work to accommodate everyone’s holiday schedules.

Workplace Wellness Isn’t Only Seasonal.

Although stress management is crucial during the holiday season, this isn’t the only time you should worry about your employees’ mental health. Partner with your local Test Smartly Labs to devise a workplace wellness program to help with your workers’ physical and mental wellbeing!


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