How to Help Employees Maintain a Healthy Weight at Desk Jobs


We have written about the drawbacks of a mostly sedentary life before. As an employer, helping your employees be more active is in your best interest, as sedentarism leads to several health risks that can ultimately cost you.

Staying active is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, which also lowers health risks.

Here are some tips for encouraging your workers to achieve a healthy weight.

Help Your Workers Maintain a Healthy Weight!

Encourage Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are a great way to ensure that your desk-bound employees will remain active. Encourage your employees to get up and get some steps in during the workday by holding walking meetings whenever possible. Not only will this help them burn calories, it can also boost creativity and productivity!

Healthy Foods

Too often, desk jobs translate into fast food eaten over a keyboard. When your employees don’t have healthy options accessible, they’re more likely to go for the drive-through or vending machine.

As an employer, you can help workers by ensuring that there are healthy options in the cafeteria or breakroom. Do away with vending machines entirely, or stock them with healthier fare like nuts or dried fruit. If you provide better options for your employees — such as fresh fruit or veggies — you may be happily surprised by the results!

Fitness Challenges

Most people are motivated by competition, so a surefire way to get your employees up and moving is by hosting a healthy competition (get it?) An office-wide fitness challenge, with points assigned for the length of the workout or the number of steps walked per day, could be just the thing your workers need to lose weight.

Your Wellness Partner

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can provide workplace wellness assistance, from program design and implementation to on-site biometric screenings.

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