Questions to Ask When Creating a Workplace Wellness Program

Establishing a workplace wellness program is one way of demonstrating commitment to the overall health of workers. A good workplace wellness program may reduce absenteeism and insurance premiums while also providing a nice incentive toward keeping quality employees.

Of course, establishing a workplace wellness program isn’t easy. Here are some questions to ask as you begin the process.

Starting a Workplace Wellness Program? Ask These Questions First.

What Are the Goals of this Workplace Wellness Program?

The overall goal of any workplace wellness program is to create a happier, more productive workforce. This means your workplace wellness program will have to focus on a number of issues. Accordingly, you might provide exercise instruction along with pointers about good nutrition, managing stress and how to get a better night’s sleep. Some of these topics will be of greater interest to your employees. Many organizations conduct a survey or Health Risk Assessments to determine which aspects are most important and most helpful to their people.

What Is the Budget for the Workplace Wellness Program?Workplace Wellness

The budget will vary with the size of the organization and the number of people participating. The good news is that a workplace wellness program can be effective and successful even without an enormous budget. A specific program that’s targeted to the concerns of employees ensures that costs won’t get out of hand even for the most budget-conscious company. And workplace wellness can save money on healthcare among other costs. so keep that in mind when budgeting.

Will Workplace Wellness Program Participants Receive Rewards?

Rewards make excellent incentives. Provide them throughout the year to keep participation and motivation high. Even small incentives can drive employees to reach their next fitness goal.

Who Is Responsible for Administering the Workplace Wellness Program?

A team member with great organizational skills and superb communication is the ideal candidate. It’s also great if that person has already made an ongoing commitment to wellness. They can set an achievable example of what the program is trying to accomplish.

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