Simplifying Workplace Wellness for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

workplace-wellnessWorkplace wellness programs are more commonly seen in larger companies. The reasons for this are many. However, startups and smaller companies are finding that one of the best ways to attract and retain great employees is with a workplace wellness program. How can small business wellness initiatives get started?

The Argument for Workplace Wellness Programs for Small Businesses

Workers like to know that their employer cares about them. A small business wellness program also helps people to keep tabs on their health, which means less absenteeism and smaller health insurance premiums. At the same time, quality employees can be attracted by a company that offers a full-featured workplace wellness program.

Enlist Your Insurance Broker

The company’s insurance broker can be a major source of information and guidance when it comes to starting a small business wellness initiative. Chances are good that they’ve helped with other workplace wellness plans in the past. Moreover, they’ll know what kind of programs and assistance your carrier offers. Wellness incentives may already be a part of your company policy.

Give a Boost to Preventive Care

The cornerstone of any workplace wellness plan should be preventive care. Your small business wellness program can encourage all employees to visit their primary care physician for an annual checkup. It can also make sense to put an emphasis on yearly eye and dental exams. Offering small incentives is a great way to encourage employees. A nominal gift card can provide the necessary motivation, and so do items like water bottles and keychains. It doesn’t have to be expensive to work.

Get Started Today

A small business wellness program will require time and effort. Take one small step today toward setting up your small business wellness initiative. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can always add features later.

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