Why Your Workers Need a Spring Break!

In our last post, we shared how non-traditional workplace wellness initiatives are gaining steam.

One of the top components growing in popularity looks to be increased employee vacation time, with 66% of respondents in a recent workplace wellness survey stating that they were offering more paid time off to their workforce. It’s a no-brainer why workers would appreciate this wellness initiative — but why are employers so on board?

How Vacation Time Benefits the Workplace

Lower Health Risks

According to research, more vacation days are actually better for your health.

One study on middle-aged men at risk for Coronary Heart Disease found that as the frequency of vacation days taken increased, the risk of overall mortality and CHD-related mortality decreased. Another found that men who went vacation-less for several years had a 30% higher likelihood of heart attack. Even just one year without vacation can increase heart disease risks.

Even if heart disease isn’t on your radar, keep in mind that the mostly-sedentary lifestyle that accompanies many 9 to 5 jobs can lead to big health problems and a messed-up metabolism. Vacation can help combat these effects.

Sharper Mental AcuityVacation

Any employer knows that with working comes some degree of stress, which is bad for mental health. Stress can cloud our judgments and affect decision-making. One study by the National Institutes of Health found that when we’re under chronic stress, our ability to make goal-oriented decisions basically ceases and automatic decision-making takes over. Taking a vacation lowers stress and helps your decision-making process.

Boost Morale & Productivity

The Society for Human Resource Management notes that a more generous vacation policy will help employers attract and retain more engaged, productive workers.

When employees see their employers care about their mental health and work-life balance, morale goes up and turnover goes down. Employees are actually more motivated to get work done so that they can leave responsibilities at the desk when they take time off.

Reach Workplace Wellness Goals With Test Smartly Labs

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