Your Workers Expect Workplace Wellness. Are You Delivering?

When it comes to hunting for a new employer, job candidates can be choosy. They want challenging work, great benefits and a corporate culture that invests in them.

Many organizations offer precisely these things, but it’s the company that offers a workplace wellness program that is likely to get the most desirable candidate.

Nowadays, prospective employees are aware of the many advantages workplace wellness programs offer– and to net top-tier talent, you need top-tier workplace wellness initiatives!

Employees Expect Workplace Wellness

The Rise of Workplace Wellness

Not so many years ago having a workplace wellness program was a rarity. Most companies offered a relatively standard compensation package consisting of salary, health insurance and participation in a company sponsored retirement program. It was unusual for an organization to also provide a workplace wellness program.

Back then sponsoring a workplace wellness program seemed like an over-the-top perk, but times have changed. More employees, especially younger ones, expect workplace wellness incentives as a part of the employment package. When competing job offers are on the table more job candidates are choosing the organization that offers a workplace wellness program over one that does not.

Attracting Better EmployeesHappy People

Getting a workplace wellness program up and running is essential for companies that want to attract the most desirable employees. Although creating such a program requires time, effort and a bit of money, it can more than pay for itself by attracting higher quality employees who are more interested in staying with the organization over the long term.

Simplifying Wellness

Moreover, it isn’t necessary to make the workplace wellness program excessively complicated. A simple approach in which employees are rewarded for meeting certain fitness milestones usually works best. Many employees are more willing to work toward a fitness goal, such as losing 10 pounds, when they know that a desirable incentive is attached.

Also, keep in mind that workplace wellness programs are flexible. You can adapt the program to meet the changing needs of your employees.

A Workplace Wellness Partner

Your nearest Test Smartly Labs can serve as your workplace wellness partner, developing and implementing wellness initiatives so you can attract better workers. Get started by contacting your nearest location!


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