Bullying in the Workplace

workplace-wellness-reduce-employee-stressYou may be out of the playground but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from bullying. Bullying is a systematic problem and can lead to destructive health consequences. There is not much awareness for the issue so recognizing when you or a fellow employee are being bullied and seeking help is essential to a safe work environment.

Is it Bullying?

There is a difference between your boss chewing you out over a mistake and repeated insults, humiliation or harassment. A few examples of workplace bullying are if your employer or fellow employees are spreading rumors, intimidating you, being offensive in any way or intentionally setting you up to fail.

High-Risk Bullying Fields

Environments like sales, government or financially-strapped industries promote high competition. Employers tend to reward those who emerge at the top and may not realize that the employee that comes out on top every time is using intimidation.

Take Action

Keep records of all incidents of bullying as well as copies of any e-mails, memos, etc. from the person to report the harassment. Confront your bully because otherwise you will not feel safe and your work is likely to suffer. Most importantly, don’t retaliate or reciprocate bullying, it will only make your situation worse.

Don’t believe any rumors spread or lies. You know what’s true. Spending time outside of work with friends and family who love you will help you reduce stress and keep you from isolating. Remember that if you are experiencing bullying in the workplace then there is a big chance that others are too.

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