Celebrate National Self Improvement Month with These Tips

September is Self Improvement Month, and that makes this the ideal time to redouble your employee wellness efforts. Use these employee wellness tips to encourage your team to participate in Self Improvement Month so they can become even better versions of themselves.

Employee Wellness Is About More Than Exercise

Exercising is an important component of Self Improvement Month, but employee wellness is about total, overall health, not just physical condition. To help your team members develop professionally, consider implementing a mentoring system that allows employees to acquire new skills. This enables them to cover for absent workers and may also put them in line for a promotion.

Set Learning Goals

Achieving a goal is enormously satisfying. You can encourage participants in your employee wellness program to experience this sensation by helping them to develop learning goals. Workers gain new, useful knowledge while the company receives better qualified and informed employees.

Take on a Volunteer Project

Self Improvement Month can be about helping others. Volunteer work not only benefits the community, but also the people who perform the work. Sign up as a group to reap the rewards together for Self Improvement Month.

Focus on Time Management

Levels of employee wellness tend to improve as workers become more skilled at time management. Enroll interested people in an online time-management course during Self Improvement Month. They will develop valuable skills that will allow them to be far more productive at work, which means that both they and the organization win.

Self Improvement Month is the perfect time to focus on total employee health. By incorporating elements into the employee wellness program that allow participants to develop their professional skills, work as a team on a volunteer project or brush up on their time-management skills, your workers will feel more fulfilled and valued.

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