Improving Employee Health: Insights from Wellness in the Workplace Study 

Health services company Optum recently published findings from their Seventh Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study.

Results showed that while approximately 60% of employers are interested in creating a workplace that promotes healthy living, only about 20% have established workplace wellness programs.

This study demonstrates that more employers need to take concrete steps toward developing workplace wellness programs that genuinely help employees.

Read on for more details about how you can use this information to improve your wellness program!

Workplace Wellness Programs Define a “Culture of Health”

Optum defines a “culture of health” as “a work environment where employees have the resources, tools and support system that empowers and motivates them to take responsibility for their own health.” By adopting a similar philosophy, it is possible for employers to develop an effective workplace wellness program. Optum suggests considering several factors.

Aim for Total Well-Being

Health is about more than just an optimally functioning body. Optum encourages employers to look at the emotional and financial as well as the physical.

That may mean offering stress-reduction classes as well as financial education, for example.

Get Everyone on Board

Human resources personnel and company executives don’t always agree on what’s necessary in a successful workplace wellness endeavor.

Promoters of workplace wellness can get all levels of management behind the effort by demonstrating that the programs can mean savings on medical costs as well as better productivity and less absenteeism.

The more top-down efforts you can marshal, the more successful the program will be.

Environmental Health

Workplace wellness programs succeed better when employers make it easy for workers to make healthy choices.

They can do this by providing nutritious snacks during meetings, creating walking paths on the grounds and making stairwells more palatable for everyday use.

Optum suggests that when such choices represent the path of least resistance, then more employees are bound to hop on the bandwagon toward better health.

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