Is Your Small Business Implementing Workplace Wellness?

Small businesses employ the majority of America’s workforce — 55% of all jobs and 66% of all new jobs since 1970, according to the US Small Business Administration.

This means when it comes to improving the health of the American workforce, small businesses need to be on the forefront.

However, a recently-released study suggests that small businesses have been slow to adopt workplace wellness programs, which are key to improving employee health.

Here are the details from the study, plus our two cents on why small businesses shouldn’t shy away from workplace wellness.

Small Businesses Need Workplace Wellness, Too

According to the study conducted by a national small business insurance provider, small businesses are lagging behind in workplace wellness in several ways.

Encouraging Non-Sedentary WorkEmployee

The study, which surveyed 506 small businesses with under 100 employees, found that small businesses nationwide aren’t doing enough to encourage employees to be less sedentary:

  • 29% of small business owners reported that their employees usually remain seated for more than one hour at a time.
  • 42% of small businesses don’t provide monitor stands, which are important for employees posture and comfort as they work on computers.

Research supports the fact that sitting for extended periods raises the risk for heart disease and cancer, among other medical concerns, so addressing sedentary workers should be a primary concern among small business owners!

Encouraging Breaks

The research also found that small business employees don’t take enough time away from work, both in terms of daily tasks and vacation days:

  • 45% of small business employees who frequently use computers are not prompted to take regular breaks for resting their eyes; this can lead to damaging eye strain.
  • 23% of salaried and hourly small business employees wait 3-4 hours before having a break.
  • 42% of small business employees don’t use all of their time off each year.

Time off provides a needed mental break from the grind of the work day, but also has health benefits: it can reduce mortality rates and cull health problems.

Workplace Wellness is Easy With Test Smartly Labs

Small business owners who have been slow to adopt workplace wellness initiatives may be worried about the cost or are simply short on time. Test Smartly Labs makes it easy for your small business to invest in workplace wellness and see a great ROI, both monetarily and in terms of your employees’ mental and physical health.

To get started on workplace wellness for your small business, find your nearest wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs today!


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