More Than Manners: Health Benefits of Good Posture

Most people have clear memories of their parents and teachers encouraging them to use good posture. This was mostly considered good manners. A straight back makes a person seem honest, attentive and straightforward.

However, research indicates that good posture doesn’t just make you seem more polite. It can also improve your health. Here is a closer look at the good posture, better health connection.

Relieve Back Pain with Good Posture

Millions of people in the U.S. live with back pain. They accept it as an unavoidable fact, but the truth is that they don’t have to. Slouching actually strains back muscles and increases stress on the spine.

Over time, the spine’s characteristics alter, nerves and blood vessels get constricted and discs and muscles get pushed out of place. However, studies show that simply using good posture can correct many of these problems.

Lose Those Last Few Pounds

Researchers have discovered that using good posture actually causes people to burn up to 350 additional calories every day. Simply activating the right muscles and allowing everything to assume its proper place in your body improves all of your body’s processes. This increased efficiency translates to more calories burned.

Enhanced Breathing

Posture also supports good health because it opens your airways. This means you’re better able to take deep, proper breaths. In turn, this improves your health because it increases oxygen flow throughout your body, helping every system function more effectively.

Build Core Strength

The stronger your core muscles are, the better your overall health tends to be. That’s because the core muscles are central to and supportive of virtually every other part of your body. As you straighten your spine, the position of your pelvis changes, which activates your core muscles. Good posture really can improve your health and help you lose weight.

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