Planning a Safe Workplace Holiday Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly — but your workplace holiday party will be anything but if you’re not careful when planning.

Whenever there is alcohol and merriment involved in any workplace gathering, you face a lot of liabilities. Safety should be your first concern, followed closely by making sure your employees are having fun!

Here are our top tips for throwing a holiday bash that’s fun for all, but also safe, too.

Workplace Holiday Festivities Without Liabilities

Watch the AlcoholSanta Cheers

For many workplaces, “office holiday party” is synonymous with “drink a lot of alcohol around your co-workers!” While the outcomes range from awkward to hilarious on sitcoms (we’re thinking of The Office), when these scenarios play out in the real world, they are often not so funny.

If you let the alcohol flow unchecked at your holiday office party, your employees may do more than embarrass themselves — they could end up in a car accident on their way home, or could even injure themselves when at the party. Having alcohol at your party opens you up for major liabilities.

Don’t Overserve

We recommend being vigilant about the amount of alcohol at your holiday office party, and about the amount individuals are served. Hiring a professional bartender will help you monitor consumption; you can also appoint willing “sober monitors” to keep watchful eyes on their peers.

Arrange Transportation

To prevent off-site accidents after your office party, you can also arrange transportation for your employees or have your sober monitors ensure that anyone who is drinking takes a cab home.

Review HR Regulations

Prior to your office party, you should review HR guidelines to make sure everyone is aware of applicable rules. For example, if you are serving alcoholic drinks at your holiday office party, your employees might think it’s appropriate to bring their own booze — or even sneak in drugs. Make sure that you review your workplace drug and alcohol policy and emphasize that this is not acceptable.

When alcohol is consumed and inhibitions are lost, sexual harassment is also a concern. Review this portion of your workplace code to ensure that everyone stays in line with your policy even once libations flow. Not only will this prevent the mistletoe and spiked eggnog from going to anyone’s head — it will also make sure your employees feel supported and protected.

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