Tips for Your Wellness Program

A wellness program is a great perk for employees, and it benefits employers too. That’s because healthy employees tend to be absent less.

However, getting a wellness program up and running is no small feat. Making it an effective program that most workers are participating in is even trickier. Here are some tips on creating an effective wellness program.

Make Your Wellness Program Effective

Understand Issues

Every workplace is unique, and so are the people who work there. This means that the health concerns of your workforce may be quite different from the needs of the employees at another organization.

A Man Brainstorming about Health ConceptsConsequently, it’s important to understand what components of your wellness program will be most useful to your participants. Look at past insurance claim data to see what sorts of claims have been made. Consider conducting an employee health survey. Perhaps you can arrange to have a biometric health screening event.

The data you gather from all of these efforts will tell you which wellness program components are the most valuable to your employees.

Make a Detailed Plan

The more specific your wellness program is, the more successful it’s likely to be. Create detailed guidelines regarding health goals and how to get there. Include information about what employees get for meeting their goals. Incentives are a wonderful way to encourage participation and to keep workers aiming for their next milestone.

Get Everyone Involved

Have a big kick-off event for your new wellness program. Make health assessments available to employees who haven’t had them yet, and make the whole thing feel like a party. Serve up some healthy snacks and drinks to boost the convivial atmosphere. If workers get the sense that the wellness program can be fun, they may be more likely to participate. Make it easy for them to sign up at the kick-off event.

Workplace Wellness Success With Test Smartly Labs

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