Wellness for the Holidays

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The holiday season is filled with family time and fun, but also stress and unhealthy habits. Help your workplace stay healthy through the holidays with these wellness tips:

Encourage Healthy Habits

It’s hard to eat healthy during the holidays, but it’s not impossible. Countering holiday treats with healthy snacks helps to balance out your diet. Rather than stocking the office with cookies this season, offer snacks like nuts, fruit and vegetable trays, and low-sugar granola bars. That way, when employees need to snack, they’ll be more likely to choose a healthy option. Holiday parties can also encourage excess. This includes alcohol. At your company’s holiday party, don’t encourage drinking by offering free alcoholic drinks to employees. If they have to pay, they’ll be less likely to imbibe.

Regular exercise is one of the most important things individuals can do to stay healthy, especially during the holiday season. Often, overeating during the holidays, combined with nasty winter weather, causes people to gain weight and put healthy eating and exercise habits off until the new year. Implementing a workplace wellness program that encourages exercise is a great way to promote healthy living in your workforce.

Avoiding Illnesses

Unfortunately, the holiday season brings with it a host of unwelcome illnesses. Keeping alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes around the office encourages employees to sanitize hands and workspaces, which helps to prevent the spread of viruses. Cold viruses tend to spread from hand-to-mouth contact more than through the air, which means that doorknobs and other common surfaces pose the biggest risk for getting people sick. You should also encourage employees to get the flu shot to help protect them from getting the virus and spreading it to others. One round of the flu could hit your workforce hard and greatly reduce productivity levels.

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