Why Walking Meetings Should be the Next Big Thing in Workplace Wellness

Few things are an adequate substitute for an in-person meeting. However, research suggests that a walking meeting might be the better way to generate creative ideas.

This concept runs contrary to the accepted meeting mode that involves sitting around a table, but the sit-down meeting is actually a much newer invention than many realize. Not only is a walking meeting often more productive, but also it helps to promote wellness by getting workers up and moving.

Here’s why we think that walking meetings are the next big thing in workplace wellness — and why we’re so excited about that!

Why Walk? The Advantages of the Walking Meeting

The Walking Meeting Is Not a New Concept

Greek philosopher Aristotle is believed to have held a walking meeting every time he taught. Other great thinkers in history also believed in this wellness based approach to creative thinking. Wordsworth, Kierkegaard and Hegel are all known to have walked as a means of maintaining wellness and generating inspiration. However, there’s no need to be a genius to benefit from a walking meeting. This excellent method for improving wellness and thinking is available to everyone.

The Stanford Walking Meeting StudyWalking Meeting

Researchers at Stanford discovered that people who moved while performing various tests were 60% more creative than those who were sitting still. Study participants were asked to complete a variety of cognitive tasks while seated or walking on a treadmill. They faced a blank wall, but as long as they were moving they were far more likely to come up with creative solutions. Researchers discovered similar outcomes when taking participants outdoors. Those who were on the move were much more likely to be creative.

Using a Walking Meeting for Brainstorming and Wellness

While a walking meeting can certainly promote wellness through extra exercise and be an excellent means for generating creative ideas, it doesn’t work as well when it comes to setting finely-tuned details. Nonetheless, making the switch to a walking meeting is a great way to stimulate greater wellness and creative thinking in the initial stages of a project. The creativity continues to flow for several moments after sitting down.

Creative Components for Your Workplace Wellness

Whether you’re a fan of the walking meeting or not, you can’t deny that a workplace wellness program has a place at your business. Test Smartly Labs can help you devise and implement effective workplace wellness components.

If you’re ready to start, just find your nearest wellness-certified location today!


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