Why Your Workplace Wellness Program isn’t Working

workplace wellness program not workingIs your employee fitness and workplace wellness program broken? A new study suggests that without employer leadership, your workplace wellness program probably isn’t improving employee health or the company’s bottom line. So what’s the problem, and how can employer leadership make such a huge difference in employee health?

Do Workers Know About Employee Fitness Programs?

Statistics say that 85 percent of employers in the U.S. with more than 1,000 workers have some kind of workplace wellness or other employee health improvement program in place. However, a Gallup poll reveals that only 60 percent of workers are aware of these employee fitness programs. With only 40 percent of that number participating in the employee health improvement initiative, it’s easy to see that success isn’t exactly rampant in most employee fitness efforts.

Employer Leadership Is the Difference

It may not be obvious, but employer leadership may be the most important factor when it comes to ensuring participation in workplace wellness and employee health programs. Managers enjoy a special position in that they have the ability to inform workers about employee fitness efforts and to encourage participation in workplace wellness events.

A Vital Conduit

Gallup’s study reveals that managers are a valuable link between workers and programs that are designed to enhance employee health. Without this employer leadership, employees are less likely to be engaged with workplace wellness initiatives. A great manager can make the difference when it comes to having healthier employees.

A Holistic Approach

Employer leadership must focus on more than just physical health. Mental, emotional and financial factors can also affect the employee’s well-being. Employee fitness only improves with a multi-faceted approach. Businesses that appoint managers to be leaders for overall employee well-being are more likely to see success with fewer absences, better productivity and lower costs for health care.

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